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AKS Forensic Workstation

One of the major challenges organizations face is investigating cyber crimes like information leakage, data theft, fraudulent incidents, defamation and criminal investigations. They require a forensic examination of such incidents.

In-order to conduct thorough examination and recover evidences; a high-performance, reliable forensic lab workstation loaded with requisite tools for imaging, recovery of deleted files and analysis of media with capability of cracking passwords is required for creating presentable evidence.

AKS IT Services has indigenously developed a high end lab forensic workstation keeping in mind today's forensic investigation requirements.

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AKS IT is the reseller of the following Paraben's products:

  • Device Seizure Device Seizure is an advanced mobile forensic extraction and analysis system. As the first commercial tool for mobile forensics, Device Seizure has over 10 years of development supporting logical and physical analysis of thousands of devices in one system. Device Seizure was built from the ground up as a forensic tool. This foundation remains the number one strength of Device Seizure - reliable forensic analysis. With analysis features such as logical and physical acquisitions, file system acquisitions, password bypassing, advanced data parsers, file viewers, Google Earth integration, a back end database for handling the large amounts of data contained in smart phones, and much more, investigators will be able to perform a completed examination and report on all data acquired
  • SIM Card Seizure Recover deleted sms/text messages and perform comprehensive analysis of SIM card data. SIM Card Seizure takes the SIM Card acquisition and analysis components from Paraben's Device Seizure and puts it into a specialized SIM Card forensic acquisition and analysis tool. SIM Card Seizure includes the software as well as a Forensic SIM Card Reader. If you already have Device Seizure & the Device Seizure Toolbox, there's no need for you to get SIM Card Seizure as well because they contain the components to perform a forensic SIM Card acquisition and analysis. This tool is for the investigator who only wants to acquire SIM Cards and does not want to perform forensic exams of all cell phone data. SIM Card Seizure includes a free one year subscription with purchase
  • P2 Commander P2 Commander is a comprehensive digital investigation tool with over ten years of court-approved use by forensic examiners. An integrated database and true multi-threading mean faster processing. P2 Commander was built on Paraben's trusted email examination tools for unparalleled network email and personal email archive analysis. Advanced features like Data Triage analysis, pornography detection, and file sorting along with comprehensive reporting and a case audit trail give investigators everything they need to present their findings in a repeatable and visually pleasing way
  • E-mail Examiner Forensically examine hundreds of email formats including Outlook (PST and OST), Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows mail, and more. Paraben's E-mail Examiner is one of the most comprehensive forensically sound email examination tools available. E-mail Examiner allows you to analyze message headers, bodies, and attachments. E-mail Examiner doesn't just recover e-mail in the deleted folders; it recovers e-mail deleted from deleted items (deleted/deleted). Supports advanced searching, reporting, and exporting to PST and other formats
  • Chat Examiner Chat Examiner was designed for one thing - forensically analyze chat logs. Chat Examiner parses out chat log databases into an easy-to-read format and allows you to search, view graphics, and create comprehensive reports on your findings
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Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 is a mobile forensic software that goes beyond standard logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones and tablets. Using advanced proprietary protocols permits Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 to extract much more data than usually extracted by logical forensic tools, especially for smartphones

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Passware software recovers or resets passwords for Windows, Word , Excel, QuickBooks, Access, Acrobat, and more than 200 document types. For the last 13 years Passware has been helping Fortune 500 corporations, worldwide police agencies, federal, state, and local government agencies, IT and forensic professionals, and tens of thousands of businesses and private users with their password problems

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Secure View 3

The go to tool for Mobile Forensics Analytics that Goes Beyond Acquisition: provides affluent data to the mobile phone forensic investigator or instructor with the foundation for law enforcement, military/civil, consultant, corporate, and education institutions to perform advanced, proficient mobile device investigations

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With the continued growth of your organization, the people and hardware deployed to ensure that it remains in working order is essential, yet the threat picture of your environment is not always clear or complete. In fact, most often its not what we know that is harmful - its what we dont know that causes the most damage. This being stated, how do you develop a clear profile of what the current deployment of your infrastructure resembles? What are the cutting edge tool platforms designed to offer the granularity essential to understand the complexity of your network, both physical and resource based? Maltego is a unique platform developed to deliver a clear threat picture to the environment that an organization owns and operates. Maltegos unique advantage is to demonstrate the complexity and severity of single points of failure as well as trust relationships that exist currently within the scope of your infrastructure. The unique perspective that Maltego offers to both network and resource based entities is the aggregation of information posted all over the internet - whether its the current configuration of a router poised on the edge of your network or the current whereabouts of your Vice President on his international visits, Maltego can locate, aggregate and visualize this information. Maltego offers the user with unprecedented information. Information is leverage. Information is power. Information is Maltego

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Tableau helps people see and understand their data. AKS IT is a reseller for Tableau's following products

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online
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X-Ways Forensics comprises all the general and specialist features known from WinHex, such as...

  • Disk cloning and imaging
  • Ability to read partitioning and file system structures inside raw (.dd) image files, ISO, VHD and VMDK images
  • Complete access to disks, RAIDs, and images more than 2 TB in size (more than 232 sectors) with sector sizes up to 8 KB
  • Built-in interpretation of JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 5EE, and RAID 6 systems (including Linux software RAIDs), Windows dynamic disks, and LVM2
  • Automatic identification of lost/deleted partitions
  • Native support for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, TFAT, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, Next3, CDFS/ISO9660/Joliet, UDF
  • Superimposition of sectors, e.g. with corrected partition tables or file system data structures to parse file systems completely despite data corruption, without altering the original disk or image
  • Viewing and dumping physical RAM* and the virtual memory of running processes
  • Various data recovery techniques, lightning fast and powerful file carving
  • Well maintained file header signature database based on GREP notation
  • Data interpreter, knowing 20 variable types
  • Viewing and editing binary data structures using templates
  • Hard disk cleansing to produce forensically sterile media
  • Gathering slack space, free space, inter-partition space, and generic text from drives and images
  • File and directory catalog creation for all computer media
  • Easy detection of and access to NTFS alternate data streams (ADS)
  • Mass hash calculation for files (CRC32, MD4, ed2k, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RipeMD, ...)
  • Lightning fast powerful physical and logical search capabilities for many search terms at the same time
  • Recursive view of all existing and deleted files in all subdirectories
  • Automatic coloring for the structure of FILE records in NTFS
  • Bookmarks/annotations
  • Runs in WinFE, the forensically sound bootable Windows environment, e.g. for triage/preview, with limitations
  • Fully portable, runs off a USB stick on any given Windows system without installation
  • Ability to analyze remote computers in conjunction with F-Response
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We also build custom security tools.

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