“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” – Albert Enstein

Software Testing is a process of verifying & validating that a software/application/product meets the user requirement as expected. It improves the reliability, stability and performance of the application.

Our objective is to ensure the correctness & completeness of the deliverables with respect to bussiness requirements. Our approach is to identify.

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We perform :-

  • Functional Testing: It will be performed on the dynamic environment and check funtionalities of the software as per the provided FRS & SRS.
  • Code Review: Our focus is to find out the errors related to business logics, functional logics and security issues.
  • Performance Testing: At AKS IT Services, our team ensure the stress/concurrent users should be bearable by the software/Server and monitor response time for identifying the pinpoint areas.
  • Interoperability Testing: Focuses on interoperability where we ensure whether the given sotware program is compatible with others and promotes cross use functionality.
  • Usability Testing: It is an important area which should be carried out in the right manner for optimizing the software acceptability among the target audience. We at AKS IT Servcies, perform a real time testing for providing an irreplaceable results and better user experience.